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Simon & Garfunkel

Rolling Stone Gives ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water: 40th Anniversary Edition’ 5 Stars! More Rave Reviews

Rolling Stone has given “Bridge Over Troubled Water: 40th Anniversary Edition” 5 stars! In its March 31st edition, the magazine writes that “the real news on this reissue of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s classic 1970 album is the accompanying DVD” which features the 1969 “Songs Of America” TV special, and the new documentary “The Harmony Game.”

In a separate review, The Huffington Post also raves about the extras in the anniversary edition, noting “this making-of truly is one of the best of its kind … By staying tightly focused on the making of this album and going almost track by track over the recording, the movie neatly encapsulates their entire career.”

In another glowing review of the album, Pitchfork writes, “Despite the breadth of sound– and despite the splintering of their relationship– Bridge sounds like a unified statement enlivened by styles and rhythms not often heard on pop radio at the juncture of those two decades … That Simon & Garfunkel split up shortly after recording this album only makes the sentiments more fleeting and the songs more affecting, lending them a timeless quality that transcends genre and generation.”

“Bridge Over Troubled Water: 40th Anniversary Edition” is in stores now!